WoW Workshop India Surf Festival

WoW Workshop
ISF invites the adventure and recreation seeking individuals of India to witness, first of its kind introduction of Walk On Water, a Stand UP Paddle workshop which will not just explain you the nuances or basic step of surfing but also educate you about the many benefits of SUP and possible water sports tourism opportunities associated with this popular lifestyle sport.

The WoW workshop is limited opportunity for the registered guest of ISF. The vision is to educate and allow everyone to experience the fun of being able to walk on water during the celebration by help of our international delegates. Let there be peaceful connection of everyone with water. Let’s go back to the grassroot involvement. Let’s walk on water~ WoW

inkbrushActive 360 in the WoW workshop: India surf festival is happy to involve a team of international experts from United kingdom to deliver the first of its kind Walk on Water Workshop. Their training ability is considered to be the best and most comprehensive in nature, thereby making it highly easy for all the ages. We wish our guests would have the real time fun learning from this awesome team which bring a lot of paddler in London on the water of Thames.