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Different Types Of Jumping Exercises


There are so many jumping exercises that are involved in an exercise. Though so many people for them someone to benefit from the workout, then they have do a lot of the jumping exercises. They will give you the strength that you will need so that to get the fully best when it comes to the workout program that you have. One mistake that so many people make it’s that they have no idea of the different type of jumping exercises that available and the benefits that it will have to their overall work out plan. Continue reading to understand some of the different exercises to jump higher;

Pistol squat


It will be different when they are compared with the common squats. Because when you have to jump on two legs with the normal squat, the pistol squat will do it much better. When you are doing the pistol work out then the hip and ankle they will have to do more work. The normal squat you will have to do the jumping, but with the pistol squat then it’s a must that you do the jumping. What you to be careful on when you are doing the pistol squat it’s that the posture will be perfect so that the result that you will get will be minimized.

Variable 2leg jumps

If you want to jump the highest, then you should try the 2leg jumps. The jumping by two legs will help so much you just have to ensure that you will be able to enhance the motor of learning so that they effect that you will get in your nervous system will be helpful. Do the jumping of two legs, and you will see that effect that you will get in your muscles, and the weight loss journey will not have any issues.

Skater jumps


When doing the skater jumps, they will help so much in the strengthening of the quadriceps, and the gluteus muscles and the power too will be increased. The primary purpose of the skater’s leg is to place the entire load on one leg, which in turn will help with the balance. So there will be no case of favoring the stronger leg anything during this workout. It will be helpful in ensuring the leg muscles are worked out evenly, and you will not have to worry if one leg is the weak one or not all of them will be put into the task.