Surf Expressions India Surf Festival

Surf Expressions
The surf expression is an open event for surfers from all over the world to showcase their talent on the water for all to see. This exclusive event is an eye candy for spectators to watch riders synchronize with Mother Ocean as they make bottom turns, top turns, barrels and perform amazing aerial stunts.
We want everyone to feel connected to the surfing and be able to express the grace and the art form that surfing really is. But we’ve realized that sometimes, the waves aren’t perfect, other times, they break too far out.

But this year, we plan to do something, a little different.

We plan to have video footage taken during the Surf expression session (This will be coupled with HUNGRY LENS – Depending on the numbers of surfers registering, the heats and number of rounds) and the footage will then be screened in front of the entire audience by evening.

We want you to cheer, laugh and perhaps even cry watching yourselves surf and together, all the surfers will vote for their favourites.Awards will be given for categories such as best combination, coolest aerial manoeuvre, longest ride, funniest/best wipe-out and rookie of the year.At the end, we just want everyone to come and share some friendly waves.

Hope to see you there!
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Mr. Dunstan will be part of the judging committee for surf expressions and will be giving the Schloarship fund for the most deserving surfer of India..

Convener – Spandan Banerjee is an avid traveler and now a wave chaser trying to make surfing a profession and a way of living. With his vast knowledge of the sciences that create waves and the understanding of how shapes and bodies move in a fluid, Spandan seems to be one with the ocean – and it’s motion !

Spandan has been with ISF from its inception with him sitting down with Sanjay in the early days dreaming this idea of having a festival which will unite people from all walks of life to come and share the joy of life and surfing along with art and music on the coastline of Odisha.