India Surf Festival has given rise to a new type of line-up where organic music as well as digital music share the same stage . The emerging ISF trend of surf music embraces musicians from across the globe.Our sound therapy perfectly blended with live and immersive art projects.

Sports DJ is something unique ISF is promoting in recent years that enhance the experience of sport culture and beach life.


Thaalavattam is a percussion-based project by Montry Manuel, which uses instruments created from waste plastic and metal with the aim to inspire people to think creatively about waste. Thaalavattam aims to clean up the plastic waste that is plaguing India, through music.

Resonable hope

The Reasonable Hope

The Reasonable Hope is all about getting inspired by the space around oneself, expressing thoughts and narrating stories through instrumental pieces and cohesive songwriting. The band plays guitar and effects based extended instrumentals, incorporating mellow bass lines and ambient soundscapes.



SITARSONIC is a fusion project of Electronica & Sitar. The Electronica is Chill out & Dub co-produced with Ethnicalvibes. It is led by Paco Rodriguez who started learning sitar in 1994, in Varanasi, from the late Dr Raj Bhan Singh.


JewelsBack, is a musical alchemy of various genres- progressive metal , western classical and Indian Carnatic music. The creative compositions carry the soulful anthem of Indian roots by imitating instruments like pakhavaj with the use of guitar. They will be unfolding some of the original compositions designed exclusively for ISF.