Hungry Lens

“In the last couple versions of ISF there have been many photographers who as a team have covered the event and have captured many scintillating moments in the process of making and conduct of the festival, and the festival itself. These photographs have gone on and been published in various locations online as well as in print media. The joy of being a part of a celebration such as ISF and being able to document it and share it in the form of images is an awesome one. This year ISF provides a formal platform and so want to incorporate the joy of a bigger community of photographers into the event. Hungry lens will serve as the community gathering of all the amazing photographers India has today.”
Adventure sports and active lifestyle photography is gaining a lot of new attention among photographers, adventure sportsmen, enthusiasts and the fans of these sports.
Why adventure sports photography at ISF?

When surf meets the sand and sand meets the sky in Puri during ISF 2014, a thousand opportunities will arise to capture the spirit of adventure through images. Hungry Lens at ISF is expecting the best adventure sports photographers to capture these moments. This would not only give them a perfect location to practise their passion but will also give an opportunity to share it with the rest of the world.
Adventure Sports Photography Brain Storm

One of the events lined up for the enthusiasts is a session for discussing adventure sports photography in India. It will offer a platform for all practitioners and sportsmen/surfers to interact and share ideas, dreams and try to address the challenges facing the adventure sports photography in India and learn from experiences from around the world through our international visitors.
Hungry Lens Spotlight

If there are many photographers present, why not showcase the best work from the hungry lensmen and women at ISF? Our panel of experts and a global team will curate the best adventure sport shots from the list of submissions and showcase it on the last day of the event. Because there is not greater adrenaline rush than sharing the adventures we experience with our friends from around the world.

Untitled-13Airpix: “One of the attractions this year at ISF will be AIRPIX, who will bring together the unique technology of aerial photography to capture the amazing stunts by surfers and the mesmerizing venue using their social drones. The team of AIRPIX develops drones optimized for various applications including aerial photography & video shooting and using these drones the team has delivered a wide range of applications. After their experience at shooting white-water kayaking, AIRPIX will be there at the ISF this year to capture surfing from a completely new perspective and talk about application & usage of this new technology in adventure sports!!!”

Hungrylens project is open to registered guest of ISF only. There is no extra participation or entry fee.
Untitled-13Marina Makhova (Cordinator) runs her own design company in Russia and has expertise in landscape designing, digital photography and has a unique creative blend and she love travelling and capturing India through her camera.