Green ISF India Surf Festiva

Green ISF
greenisfCore to the functioning of ISF is a balance which should exists with the natural environment. We try our best not to hurt the beautiful Mother Nature because of which we have been able to flourish this much and have been enjoying all the love given to us by her, Moreover, at ISF we would, many of the times, be pleasantly forcing you to adopt the eco-friendly way about which we are pretty much sure would imbibe the sense to live in harmony with your beloved nature.

ISF is not just about the adrenaline and lifestyle water sports but a festival which has a huge potential to make you ecologically sensible, let you connect with you inner-self, make good friends with similar bend of mind, gives a lots of exposure to arts, fusion music and low impact celebration.

ISF is a Source of inspiration for adopting ways to reduce carbon footprints on Earth and Ocean by alternative action and celebration.

“Clean the Beach” Initiative at ISF
…We already know what the problems are. We don’t want to talk about it any more. It’s High time that we take some action now. ISF will set an example of how to be a responsible festival and will educate tourists to become environmentally conscious … – Read More

Plantation Drive
Phailin was a biggest catastrophe that Odisha saw in a decade. It affected hundreds of village and thousands of people. The rescue operation by the Odisha government assisted in saving many human lives, however the concern is about the life that is attached to our mother planet earth- our vegetation, the trees which were rooted out of the earth, almost 26 Lakhs trees were destroyed. How to ameliorate the situation, when the nature’s bounty was slaughtered with the high speed wind?
ISF’s social outreach mission is to bring awareness as how important it is to bestow the earth- what we have obtained from it for our survival and sustenance and which will necessitate in our continued existence as the residents of EARTH.
When all the mankind force of the affected region is occupied to reinstate their house and life, ISF has taken this initiative to help in plantation of tree. In averting the loss of human life and destruction that could’ve been much more, it is undoubtedly the dense green forest of Orissa which played a key role by causing minimal loss to all the red alert zone of Orissa.
The plantation day will be on 12th of February, 2014, we invite Police Department of Puri to be part of our social outreach program with the local villagers of Tikina and Team ISF.

Hand crafted and Organic festival
ISF is the only festival in India where guests participate in its making, they hand craft each and every single item installed at the festival and utilize only the organic and naturally available material and other resources. Re-usability and alternative application is what occupies the creative mind of the guests. It is this unique environment which propagate the sense of going green right through the inception.