Girl power at ISF is an action based celebration to invoke the fearlessness energy of Kali within every female.This team is engaged in grassroot training of eliminating hydrophobia and fear factors as much as possible through their surf workshops specially designed for women and children. Age old temple of Ramachandi aka Goddess Kali is the biggest inspiration source of energy for the members of SurfingYogis. This movement advocates abolishing worldwide propaganda about women being weaker in any format of life.

In the fifth edition of 2016, team MY DESTINY from Portugal will lead this movement along with a dedicated group of volunteers before 2 weeks of the festival.This is open for girls and women from all walks of life to spend a day on the beach and enjoy ISF hospitality , spreading the good vibes of sports and celebration. Carolina Perriera explains her experience of ISF 2015 Girl power happiness as under.

“In February 2015, our team of three Portuguese girls (MY Destiny team) went to ODISHA in India to empower girls and women from local villages. We didn’t have any special ingredient, any special job, or any special conditions. We were (and we are) three completely ordinary surfer girls… but we did have a purpose, well defined and curated by Sanjay in India Surf Festival 4th edition. I’ve worked hard to create that moment, but couldn’t stop wondering if I, alone, would be enough. I asked myself if I was doing the right thing. And because I invited Lisa and Mafalda, I was afraid for them at the same time. Not afraid that something bad would happen to them, but of failing on my word. An alignment between what we preach and what we do should always exist. Words worth our actions, right? And what would an ordinary 21-year-old girl have to offer to India Surf Festival ? As a TEAM of ISF, We were building the community around Girls Power movement, working with girls from orphanage and women from Puri, and the local community. With the team , we were skateboarding with sáris, searching for waves, exploring the coast, inspiring surfing and speaking in conferences, sharing experiences. We were learning with the slow (Indian) rhythm, with the dances, the colors and “nothing is what it seems” in a land where everything is possible.



All together, we have created an amazing community. And from that community, this new local and global movement was born. And it’s building momentum, creating a safe space, bringing awareness about crucial gender issues and promoting actions in each design of ISF. It’s a global movement of surfers ,change makers and artists who want to share their support, be role models, and simply inspire. Surfing has been the key tool for breaking the ice, to make change happen, and the window to a brighter world. After we left, a woman wrote to us, “We have no words to describe how you made us feel.” That sentence was reassurance that we must be on the right track. I really believe in the power of surfing values as a tool for positive change, and deeply believe elements of surfing have the potential to ground human beings in a unique and meaningful way. Make your moment happen.”

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Kalinga Kusum is a nonprofit initiative that addresses the challenge in education and legal empowerment in the state of Odisha. ISF is proud to partner with Kalinga Kusum to place our message of empowerment using surfing as a tool . We together intend to demonstrate ” how gender-based discrimination can be dissolved and mindset is altered leading the women to assert the rightful and respected position in the society”.

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