Surfing Ardhanareshwara by Harshvardhan Kadam


Global harmony lies in the equality of human kind. Whether a man or a woman, or a human being belonging to any nationality, the beauty of existing can truly be lived only if we discard social conditioning. At ISF, we have always existed as one global tribe. The artwork is manifested after thorough meditation on our spiritual statement of coexistence. We look at the mythology of Shiva and Shakti, universal harmony was conceptualised and narrated through their stories of oneness. Building on to Ardhanareshwara which is half man and half woman, surfing on the blissful ecosystem of natural elements, we conspire to inspire souls connected to us towards global peace. This festival is a honeycomb of nectar gathered by the souls across nationalities, sports, arts, entrepreneurship and politics to impact and enlighten more spirits collectively.

harsh1The “Surfing Ardhanareshwara” is a concept art by Harshvardhan Kadam, the founder of Inkbrushnme. Through this creation, we try to dream of a cleaner ocean and gender equality in this planet.


ISF is the only experiential festival of India which celebrates Athletics and Aesthetics as a cohesive transformational Key. While surfing gives an adrenaline rush to one’s soul, Art enriches the sensory vibrations here. This Key has become the kundalini of this festival and full moon swells the consciousness just like the tide. This year you’ll get to see a congregation of the best talents collaborating for this Key experience with installations, live painters, street art, and surprise projections that will only transform your feelings and unwind you from the core. Come, experience the change within you.