Adventure India Surf Festival

inkbrushPaul Hyman has been involved in paddle sports for most of his adult life and has surfed and kayaked whitewater rivers throughout Europe. Paul enjoys SUP touring, racing and whitewater SUP, but most of all introducing new people to the sport and developing new coaches.
inkbrushAsh Chumber has been involved with paddlesport in many capacities and has kayaked surfed whitewater rivers in the UK. Having wetted his appetite for water sports whilst a teenager he recently returned to the sports in 2005.
inkbrushYellow Butterfly Yoga, an effortlessly positive approach to break out of your cocoon & move towards awareness of your true self…
Yellow Butterfly Yoga is a combined effort of a teacher and his student which help people lead a healthier life with ease – with no super human efforts needed. Yellow butterfly believe in creating a harmony amongst various activities like yoga, resistance training, outdoor sports, and athletic activities to seek mental and physical fitness – all designed to meet your individual requirements.
inkbrushAdam Osburn, Having brought the brand-new sport of SUPball to the UK from Sydney, Australia in 2013, Adam is now working with Active360 to promote and develop the game.
The aim is to establish a network of SUPball players, qualified coaches and tournaments across London, and beyond. Having lived in London, Sydney and places in between, Adam has a passion for exploring and adventure.
He is a lover of all water-based activities – a keen scuba-diver, kayaker, wakeboarder and SUP boarder who has been involved with multiple kayak, SUP touring and wild camping expeditions.
inkbrushLongboard india crew was formed on 15th November 2013, almost 3 months old.
– Since then the number of longboarders have increased from 3 to 10, Nikhil Bhosale and Krishank Malik are the co founders of the crew.
– Other crew members includes Sameer Surve, Boris Nongthomba, Dylin Gomes, Mazda Nargolwala, Mingkhwa chang, Ayn Sayed, Nitish Mittal.
– LCI is the first and the only crew currently in India
– The Motive of the crew is to promote longboading a new extreme sport in India and to discover new spots, downhill slopes all across the country.
– Currently the crew does their sessions at Parsik Hills, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai.
– The final goal is to put India in the longboarding map of the world.
– LCI has its own Fil making crew that travels along with the riders
inkbrushSurf Wala , The Surf group from Arambol, Goa.
inkbrushElena Perez is Stand Up Paddle Instructor certificated by IOSUP in 2011 and In 2013 She got the certified of Instructor of Paddle Fitness by Susanne Lier the IOSUP Health and fitness Master Trainer.She visualized on SUP more than a sport, she saw on the SUP a new therapy for body, mind and soul. She saw a new healthy way to enjoy, accessible to everyone.
inkbrushJustin Miles is a ‘professional adventurer’ tackling expeditions and challenges in polar, mountain, desert and jungle environments; including a current expedition to explore a new route to the North Pole during the harsh Arctic winter. Justin uses his expeditions to operate a nation-wide education initiative which takes his experiences and turns them in to fun and engaging lesson plans and activities in a variety of curriculum subjects – and encourages kids to ‘get out and try it’!
inkbrushCovelong Point Surfers: The story of Covelong Point, the first surfing village in India, starts from Murthy, a fisherman.With Nothing else but more than a few old boards and a deep passion for surfing and teaching others to surf, Murthy strived alone to nurture the awakening of a new surfing culture in India.
inkbrushFacet comprise of an inflatable structure of geodesic design made up from triangular segments, resulting in a very stable and fully freestanding unit on any possible surface. For inflation, small hand pumps can be used. Groundsheet is integrated in each unit. Two persons can deploy the tent and inflation time is less than 3 min.
inkbrushSUPball is the latest watersport to hit the UK. The game originates from Sydney, Australia and is a mix of five-a-side football, netball and rugby all played on standup paddleboards. With participants standing on their SUP boards, a ball is passed from player to player, with the goal being scored when the ball hits one of the two buoys floating at either end of the ‘pitch’. The opposition can tackle you at any time, whether you have the ball or not. The game is fun and energetic, the atmosphere friendly and chilled-out and the laughs guaranteed. Everyone is welcome to get involved and play. Visit
inkbrushLonely Surfer , The Surf group from Vizag.
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