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Feb 6-8, 2015 \\\\ Ramchandi Beach, Odisha

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Sanjay Samantaray

Founder & Chief Madman

From the first meeting with a surfer in 2000, to making an international event called India Surf Festival on the beaches of Odisha - Sanjay is wildly enthusiastic about the adventure spirit in India. Conceptualizing the festival, eco-spiritualism, making friends, exchanging knowledge, enjoying music, collaborating with artists, helping local community.

Kartik Aruda

Mad About People

Talking to people, establishing relationships, making everyone comfortable, shaking hands, hugging, and most importantly - smiling. Kartik will stop at nothing to ensure you have a smile on your face. Go ahead, talk to him!

Vinay Pateel

Artistic Madness

Hours of digital work, days of manual labour for an installation, months of conceptualizing and one moment of completion - this is the life of an artist without boundaries. Pixels, Murals, Installations, Oils, Water Colours, markers, whatever - Vinay has no limits of medium, all that matters is to create.

Sebastian Vilarino

Mad Musician & Magic Skills

It is hard to keep track of the number of things Seba is good at. DJ, Performer, Magician, Creator, Video Junkie and generally having fun - that is his job. Never a dull moment with him around us.

Extended Team

Sabyasachi Jana

Mad Photographer & Web Junkie

Its hard to tell which one of the two things Sabya does better, whether it is coding the beautiful ISF website or risking drowning to get the perfect shot. Being the homegrown talent, his photographs are setting new standards in adventure photography and this is only the beginning.

Sweta Sahu

Socially Mad

Living in Singapore hasn’t had any effect on her bond with ISF. In spite of constantly travelling, Sweta manages to keep the ISF community actively involved on social media. Now you know where all those beautiful posts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram come from.

Contact Us

For Any Media Related Query Please Mail To pr@indiasurffestival.org
For Any Query Related To India Surf Festival Please Mail to info@indiasurffestival.org