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Feb 6-8, 2015 \\\\ Ramchandi Beach, Odisha

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Out in the ocean, surfers show off their freestyle moves. There is no limit to their expressions on the waves. They are judged based on their skill level, creativity and fitness.

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India’s biggest Stand Up Paddle championship that features racers from 15 countries. The race track is designed to test their skills around a river and every inch of the course is a challenge that is accepted by the enthusiastic riders.


Kitesurfers demonstrate the versatility of the sport using the power of the wind. Stunning aerial acrobatics coupled with speed give this sport a whole new level of adrenaline rush.




The beginner’s course to interact with water on a SUP Board. From a 3 year old kid to a 60 year old gentleman, everyone has experienced the pleasure of walking on water at ISF. This year there will be many people taking their first step into the world of surfing through our workshops.


The fastest growing lifestyle activity in the world was first seen in India at ISF 2013. With Yoga instructors flying in from Spain, Switzerland and USA and collaborating with India Yoga experts, Yoga on Water workshop is sure to be a unique relaxing experience.


Longboarding is an advanced form of skateboarding that adopts speed and cruising in style. Longboarders from around the country will demonstrate their skills and introduce the participants to this high energy sport during the workshop.

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Art at India Surf Festival has taken a strong unique path right from its inception. Paintings, Installation art, Prints, Live Painting, Projection Mapping, Interactive installations - the amount of artworks on display has always immersed people into a different world. Artists and Performers are welcome to join and display their work.


India Surf Festival has given rise to a new type of music line-up where organic musicians and DJs share the same stage - which is also accompanied by live art. A new type of DJ has emerged - the Sports DJ who plays tunes that enhance the experience of surf culture and beach life.

If you’re a musician from another dimension, we would love to hear your music.


Yoga on Water and Yoga on the Beach. At India Surf Festival, Yoga is a part of the lifestyle. Starting early in the morning, there are yoga sessions and workshops held throughout the day. Participants are encouraged to get involved, write to us for further info.

Hungry Lens

ISF has opened up India’s lens to adventure. The photographers arriving at the scene are hungry to take pictures that capture never-before-witnessed moments in India’s adventure sports history.

Hungry Lens is a photographic event that showcases the best of these moments at the end of each day. Every photographer is urged to pool in their clicks which would then be projected on a screen for everyone to view and celebrate.





for 1 person for 1 days

1. Festival Entry
2. ISF Wristband
3. Welcome Kit



for 1 person for all 3 days

1. Festival Entry
2. Yoga sessions
3. 1 Workshop per day
4. Tent Accommodation
5. Mattress + Pillow
6. Soap + Shampoo
7. LED Torch
8. ISF Wristband
9. Breakfast
10. Welcome Kit



for 2 persons for all 3 days

1. Festival Entry
2. Yoga sessions
3. 1 Workshop per day
4. Tent Accommodation
5. Mattress + Pillow
6. Soap + Shampoo
7. LED Torch
8. ISF Wristband
9. Breakfast
10. Welcome Kit


Bring Your Own Tent


for 1 person for all 3 days

1. Festival Entry
2. Yoga sessions
3. 1 Workshop per day
4. Tent NOT provided
5. Mattress + Pillow
6. Soap + Shampoo
7. LED Torch
8. ISF Wristband
9. Breakfast
10. Welcome Kit


FRI - 6 feb 2015

SAT - 7 feb 2015

SUN - 8 feb 2015

Gates Open:

THU - 17:00 IST 5 FEB 2015

Gates Close:

MON - 09:00 IST 9 FEB 2015

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  • ISF Team is proud to announce a healthy collaboration with Odisha's own Mindfire Solutions.
  • Orissapost comes on board as Official Media Partner.
  • Outlook Traveller, our Magazine Partner has a nice writeup on their site, go check it out.
  • Amit Mallick, a soldier stationed in Kerala is doing a 3000km ride to be a part of ISF 2015.
  • For more news and updates on ISF, you can visit Bhubaneswar Buzz website too at
  • The Asian Surfing Championships is delighted to announce the India Surf Championship, which is part of the upcoming 4th annual India Surf Festival, as the first ASC competition of 2015 and the first-ever ASC sanctioned event to be held in India.
    Link to article
  • MY Destiny is coming down all the way from Portugal to join the team in building the festival. They will also screen their surf movie "Stuck In Paradise".
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INDIA SURF FESTIVAL 2015 - Press Release Nov 28, 2014.

India Surf Festival, entering its 4th Edition in the month of February 2015, is all set to break the boundaries of art, adventure and music. Located at the meeting point of river Kushavadra and the Bay of Bengal, the festival provides a unique combo suitable for all types of surfing. Stand-up Paddling, Freestyle surfing, Kitesurfing and Longboarding are the primary sport activities of the festival. One highlight of the festival is the game of SUP Ball, with India being the third country in the world to have witnessed the game only after Australia and The UK. ISF focus this year is to involve everyone on a participatory level. Simplifying these sports through workshops and fun games will introduce the spirit of adventure in Indian homes. This feeling is elevated through beach camping, which keeps the participant in touch with nature 24x7. From a 6 year old to a 60 year old, everyone has experienced the fun for the last 3 years, and this year is only going to be better. The support of Odisha Tourism department has given additional strength to the event which has already garnered a reputation of being one of the premier festivals of India.

The Founder, Sanjay Samantaray, with his focused vision has developed his vision into reality with the help of key individuals from across the world. After 3 years of successful celebration, Sanjay is excited to invite people from all across the world for the 4th Edition. Expect artists, musicians, explorers, magicians, performers, dancers, yoga masters and surfers from more than 20 countries to congregate on Puri-Konark Marine Drive to handcraft the most unique atmosphere the country has ever seen. Such a collaborative effort is the result of more than 12 years of homework done by the founder. His mission is to make people realize the importance of low-impact water sports. The vision is to make it an open festival and not make it limited to just the sports junkies. Adventure experts from all over the world are excited about ISF happening in India, and have been extending their support in more ways than one. From inputs about waves to weather, wind conditions, safety and skills, surfers are participating whole-heartedly.

Such a massive endeavour comes with heavy operational tasks. Managing the show backstage is Kartik Aruda from Bangalore. Whether it is interacting with top bureaucrats or standing at the gates to welcome visitors, Kartik is the kind of person who will stop at nothing to make sure every individual connected to the festival has a smile on his/her face. Standing by Sanjay’s side yearround, he is the one that keeps the festival moving where the cameras can’t reach. The staff of Rangers Adventure Foundation – Behera Babu and Pratap are always active in helping Kartik tackle the biggest tasks.

ISF is known worldwide for its unique atmosphere and artistic vision. The man responsible for this is Vinay Pateel from Bangalore, a visual artist who has no limits when it comes to creating meaningful pieces of art. Starting with creating the ubercool logo of ISF, to creating installation art, stage installation and planning the festival, Vinay complements Sanjay’s vision. ISF has also seen the world’s most talented artists like Harshvardhan Kadam, Sachin Shetty, Priyesh Trivedi, Arnaz Mistry, Brigitte Gouwy, Rahul Chaudhary come together to create works of art that have surpassed their own expectations.

Music is an integral part of the celebrations. Sebastian Vilarino from Argentina along with his team comprising of Lucas Bottero, Julieta Boechi and Miguel Olcese has set up the music scene of ISF for the last three years. It can not be described in words, you have to be there and experience it to know it. Bands from around the world like The Bahh Band from Ireland, Sanjay-Hargo from USA, Sitarsonic from Goa, Thaalavattam from Bangalore have performed and given memories to festival participants that will never fade away.

ISF has set pathbreaking standards in the field of photography. The stills and videos that flood the world after ISF are a visual treat that capture Indian adventure in its true nature. The special event called Hungry Lens at ISF encourages all photographers to make a collective pool of their shots and showcase them in the after-hours for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Guchi Vigano, Marina Makhova, Sabyasachi Jana, Pradeep Javedar, Airpix, MS Gopal and Kanika Nagpal are just a few of the photographers who actively seek the perfect shot on the beaches of ISF. Airpix is a pioneer in drone photography in India, and their beautiful shots can be seen in the ISF videos.

ISF 2015 is going to see bigger and better collaborations. Active 360, a surfer group from London, UK have been highly active in progressing the India surf scene. Active 360 has been a pioneer in promoting SUP as a sport in the UK and have big plans for India in 2015. The ISF team along with Odisha Tourism dept held a meeting with Active 360 team in London this November during the World Travel Market. Odisha as a surf destination has been engraved in the global adventure scene and will keep growing exponentially for the years to come.

This year will also see ISF join hands with Kitesurfing Lanka, a team of 10 kitesurfers from neighbours Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka as a country has embraced the sport and industry of surfing and is regarded as one of the good destinations for kitesurfing in Asia. ISF joining hands is a mutual benefit for both countries where both parties will learn from the strengths and experiences of others.

Longboarding Crew India (LCI) have been in sync with the ISF team after ISF 2014, and are excited to spread the stoke once again in ISF 2015.

Elena Perez from Spain, another familiar face will be seen at ISF 2015 involving everyone in the joys of Walking On Water. Yellow Butterfly, a Delhi based Yoga duo consisting of Mahek and Prabhat are also making their second visit to Ramchandi Beach after being a part of ISF 2014. They will have yoga sessions on the beach in ISF 2015.

The surf clubs lining India’s coastline - Lonely Surfers, Mumu Surf School, Cocopalli Surf Club, Surf Wala, Kallialay Surf School, Covelong Point, Shaka Surf Club will arrive in large groups. Most surf clubs are formed by the local fishermen-turned-surfers and ISF is a friendly platform where they showcase their skills and win awards.

ISF is a community driven event, and outreach programmes happen all through the year. During the months leading up to the festival, ISF team brings together international participants and local villages and communities to take up activities like Beach Cleanup, Plantation Drive, Watersports education in schools etc. ISF 2015 will see many exciting artists and musicians collaborating, the lineup will be released in due course. During the 1st week of December, ISF team is heading to the west coast to hold a mini event in Goa. This is the first step in strengthening the coast-to-coast relationship, which will result in a Goa edition of India Surf Festival in the second half of 2015. Tourists landing at Goa will now have a direct point of contact to know more about ISF. Details coming soon.

Chances are, as you’re reading this – Sanjay is preparing for the Goa meetup along with Mata and Raj; Kartik is replying to emails while on phone with someone else; Vinay and Sabya are working on the website; and surfers Yogi and Kaelan are riding the waves.


Sanjay Samantaray

Founder & Chief Madman

From the first meeting with a surfer in 2000, to making an international event called India Surf Festival on the beaches of Odisha - Sanjay is wildly enthusiastic about the adventure spirit in India. Conceptualizing the festival, eco-spiritualism, making friends, exchanging knowledge, enjoying music, collaborating with artists, helping local community.

Kartik Aruda

Mad About People

Talking to people, establishing relationships, making everyone comfortable, shaking hands, hugging, and most importantly - smiling. Kartik will stop at nothing to ensure you have a smile on your face. Go ahead, talk to him!

Vinay Pateel

Artistic Madness

Hours of digital work, days of manual labour for an installation, months of conceptualizing and one moment of completion - this is the life of an artist without boundaries. Pixels, Murals, Installations, Oils, Water Colours, markers, whatever - Vinay has no limits of medium, all that matters is to create.

Sebastian Vilarino

Mad Musician & Magic Skills

It is hard to keep track of the number of things Seba is good at. DJ, Performer, Magician, Creator, Video Junkie and generally having fun - that is his job. Never a dull moment with him around us.

Extended Team

Sabyasachi Jana

Mad Photographer & Web Junkie

Its hard to tell which one of the two things Sabya does better, whether it is coding the beautiful ISF website or risking drowning to get the perfect shot. Being the homegrown talent, his photographs are setting new standards in adventure photography and this is only the beginning.

Sweta Sahu

Socially Mad

Living in Singapore hasn’t had any effect on her bond with ISF. In spite of constantly travelling, Sweta manages to keep the ISF community actively involved on social media. Now you know where all those beautiful posts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram come from.

Every year celebration of ISF comes with a social message with continued creative actions and visible impacts.Fourth edition of ISF 2015,emphasizes on inspiring the girl power theme. The contribution of wisdom and actions by girls in making of ISF since 2012 is well understood. This year prior to the festival ISF has prepared an ALL GIRLS CREW to teach surfing specially girls and women from local village to far away cities 10 days before the festival.

This ISF crew to spread the message of girl power is led by CAROLINA from MY DESTINY GROUP of Portugal.To add into our adventure our curator VINAY PATEEL has created an unique design available in forms of t-shirts, badges and stickers. Even if you are not being able to join our ISF you can support this campaign by purchasing some of our goodies.

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Kartik info@indiasurffestival.org